Video Tutorials

Setup FoodKonnekt app

In this setup video tutorial, you will be able to:

– Install FoodKonnekt application from Clover App Market

– Verify that FoodKonnekt has correctly fetched your entire menu and information from Clover

– Configure settings for online ordering such as fees, delivery zones, vouchers & branded logo

– Get your peronalized online ordering link to add to your website’s online order button


In this configure video tutorial, you will:

– Launch the FoodKonnekt admin console from your Clover account

– Change brand logo

– Add / update / remove delivery zones: distance from restaurant, expected delivery time, delivery fee, minimum order size

– Change pickup time: expected delivery time

– Add / update / remove vouchers

– Change convenience fee

Order Online

In this online order video tutorial, you will:

– Setup an account on the restaurant website as a new customer

– Order for pickup

– Order for delivery by specifying a delivery address within delivery zones of the restaurant

– Select items and modifiers from the restaurant’s online menu

– Checkout online order cart, apply promo codes and pay for the order

– View order history from My Profile

– Receive email notifications from the restaurant on registration, order submission, order confirmation or decline

Act on online orders

In this video tutorial, you will:

– View or dismiss alerts for online orders coming from FoodKonnekt

– Accept an online order and print the order

– Decline an online order and provide a reason(s) for declining it to the customer

– Issue refunds for declined orders

– View the list of pending orders which need to be accepted or declined

– Select a pending order and accept or decline it


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Do you provide any customer support?
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