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10 Tips For Marketing Your Restaurant

Technology has not only changed the way we work, it has also altered the way we choose and order our food. According to recent data, 89% of the customers research an eating joint before ordering food or actually visiting the place. Considering the fierce competition and a high failure rate in the restaurant business, the success of any restaurant depends on its marketing strategies as much as its food and services.  Supplementing traditional marketing strategies with online marketing is the way ahead. In this post, I would be highlighting ten tips for restaurant marketing in the digital world. 1. Develop Your Restaurant’s Brand Identity A brand is the distinct personality of your business. Any time a customer interacts with your business, whether online or offline, your brand is the basis by which a customer judges what to expect from your business. Before you dive into building your brand, you need to identify your target customer- college students, young professionals, or business class. And, how do you want your customers to perceive your business- a casual fun hangout or an elegant diner? Once you have a clear idea of your business goals, you should start working on a strategy to achieve it. Create a distinct voice for your business and stick to it in all your communications including your social media posts and promotions. McDonald’s, for example, projects an image of an affordable and fun place to visit with your family. Building a brand takes time; you may need to align your strategies continuously to strengthen your brand identity.   2. Monitor Your Social Media Presence According to a study by Zizzi, millennials spend five days of a year browsing food images on Instagram. With customers checking out social media to decide whether a restaurant is worth visiting, restaurant owners need to […]