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Facebook Primer – Effective Ways To Use Facebook Pages

There are 1.8B monthly active users on Facebook (Source: FB latest financial disclosed on 11/02/16) Age 25 to 34, at 29.7% of users, is the most common age demographic. 41% of US small businesses are on Facebook Organic reach of Facebook posts ~ 2% With these kinds of stats it is imperative that small businesses put their best foot forward on Facebook. In this blog we talk about different tools and strategies analyze your Facebook page performance, what you need to do in order to fix chinks in your armor and a brief about Facebook advertising options. Analyze: Our go to tool to analyze is “Likealyzer” which examines your page on a scale of 100. It provides information about how your page is doing on multiple factors and provides insights into what kind of corrective action you can take in order to increase your score. Another cool feature about this tool is the statistics page which provides information about different pages in different categories across different countries. You can use this to find the best page in the same industry within the same country and see what aspects you can copy from that page. AgoraPulse Barometer: This requires you to login using your Facebook page and it provides your page performance based on your posts and compared against other pages in the tool database. The issue with this comparison is that it compares against all pages and is not restricted within the same category. AgoraPulse has some other free social media tools that you might find useful Social Bakers: A report comparing your page against your competitor would be sent to your email. The report analyzes page audience, audience growth as well as showcasing which content is effective from an engagement perspective but it generates only for a week. Apart from the Facebook […]

6 Ways to use Instagram For Restaurant Marketing

While we are writing this article there are over a 100 million #food posts on Instagram, over 3 million self confessed people claiming to be #foodie, over 8 million #foodporn posts and over a million unashamed declarations of #foodgasms. These are just the four of the endless manners Instagramers express their love of food on the 6 year old social media platform. As a restaurant owner we hope you can smell the fragrance of opportunity that these numbers are bringing to you. An opportunity for cost effective advertising, to connect and engage with your current and potential customers in a language they speak. So it is clear as a restaurant business you have to be on Instagram! Let us help you understand how to use it to maximize your marketing efforts and eventually profits. Flaunt your chef: Chefs are cool. They artists, they bawse! Your customers and followers love to see a real person who works up the magic to create those foodgasmic dishes that your restaurant serves. Share behind the scenes pictures of your restaurant’s kitchen on your Instagram account. You’re Instagram community will gobble down your staff pics as readily as they gobble your food. Plan and project an authentic journey of your restaurant: Instagrammers love authenticity so stay true to your brand identity. Try to maintain a consistency with your restaurant’s theme, food category and customer preferences. A healthy food restaurant has no business posting a pic which gives a beer and pizza lover kind of vibe. They also love a brand that values their opinions. We suggest creating a weekly Instagram marketing plan in advance. Mondays can be quirky question day, “Which is your favorite dish on our menu?”, you can devote posts to Throwback Thursdays or Fun Fridays, Saturdays can be for contests. Special of […]