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Riding the Pokemon Go Wave: A Marketing Guide

This is the Summer of Pokémon Go. The augmented reality game allows players to catch Pokémon out and everywhere — on the street, at the gym, at the grocery store and it has inspired a full-fledged movement The numbers in terms of social media reach has sky rocketed as you can see from the graph below (source brand24) Some stats* to consider 3.1M hashtags on Instagram for #PokemonGO Around 71% popularity for the hashtag #PokemonGO Half a million mentions with a majority of them on Instagram Around 5 million pictures that has been shared on social media All these phenomenal stats within a span of 3 weeks making this game hugely popular amongst teenagers and adults alike. So how can you as a small business/restaurant owner can take advantage of this game and ride the wave. Use Pokemon tools Check if you are a pokestop. Pokestop are physical places where players go and recharge and get goodies when they spin the “wheel of fortune”. This would be a easy way to promote your establishment on social media, posters at your place and emails saying that you are a pokestop. Use your gym status to Organize game nights and invite other teams to take over the gym. In case if this happens offer the take over team a party or some other discount Promote loyalty to your gym by offering discounts to your gym members In case you are neither a gym nor pokestop you can Compile a list of nearby pokestops and gyms around your establishment Promote this list on your social media & other media to attract footfall to your store Partner with neighborhood pokestops and gyms (as per Point 1 & 2) Buy Lures: Lures are entrapments that you can buy at a very nominal rate and the basis […]