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10 Signs your Customers won’t return to your Restaurant

Do you feel that you’re spending a huge amount of time and money on your restaurant and yet your customers do not come back? You have improved the taste of your food and still had no luck? Well there’s more to customer satisfaction than just good food and service. The more you get faithful “repeat customers”, the higher the possibility of creating lifetime loyalty and value for your restaurant. Repeat customers bring huge business benefits that most restaurateurs fail to realize. According to a study, customer addition cost is from 5 to 25 times more than retaining an existing one. The study also shows that the customer retention rate can improve profits by 25-95%. An additional statistic specifies the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70% as compared to the probability of selling to a new likelihood is 5-20%. Customer acquisition vs retention costs To keep your customers loyal and content enough to return you might need to revise and review your restaurant priorities.       Bad Customer Service Poor customer service is one of the main reasons your customers leave with no intention of returning. With so many options easily available in the restaurant sector, today’s food consumer will not tolerate substandard service. Apart from enjoying a delicious meal, customers require to be taken care of. Customer service in this business consists of attention, communication, timely delivery of the order and staff courtesy. So it is essential that you greet and guide them to their table, otherwise they feel lost and unattended. Likewise, if you deliver the order in 35 minutes instead of 15 minutes as described on your menu card or your staff doesn’t address them properly or listens to them attentively, they are certainly going to rate your restaurant awfully on customer service and never return. […]