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Instagram Feed Changes: What this means to Marketers?

NYTimes published an article about how Instagram is planning to change the way it’s feed works – relying on user interaction than the age of the posts. Now that is a big shift for a company which started as a photo/video centric social media outlet and which has not changed over the years (based on an article in FastCoDesign last Oct). Over the few years Instagram has grown to a stage where it has raked in 400M users and whose popularity amongst its users as well as marketers has increased over time. The primary reason for this being that given it’s simplicity to use as well as the results that it gets (from a marketing perspective). With the feed change one has to look whether the same organic reach (which has been missing from Facebook) would continue or if there would be a dip in those numbers. But in the immediate run what does this intended change mean to the marketers? Focus on quality rather than quantity: Better to post once a day or in two days with better engaging pictures than posting on a daily basis. Have a better and refined content strategy for Instagram: Need to produce engaging content that will attract and engage your followers. Also with the feed being changed to suit individual interactions, marketers have to concentrate more on producing better engaging content. Again based on the engaging content you generate, your followers would be seeing your pictures in their feed with the assumption that customers would be clicking and commenting on your engaging content. You as a marketing person has to be more actively involved within your community and within your customer base. This is based on the reciprocity measure – the more you are involved in terms of commenting, liking other people’s content […]