Why do I need an online ordering system
Why should I choose foodkonnekt
How much will it cost me to use foodkonnekt
Do I have to buy the product? What are your contract terms & conditions?
Can I use the OOS for all my locations in one go or will each location have to get foodkonnekt separately?
Does the OOS support cash payments in addition to credit card?
Is your OOS secure?
Does the OOS support delivery and pickup options?
Does the OOS support different fees for delivery areas?
Does the OOS support promotional coupons?
My menu is not typical. Will your OOS support my menu?
Are there any pre-requisites for integrating with foodkonnekt
I don't have a POS system. Can I still use Foodkonnekt's online ordering system?
I am using a POS system that isn't listed on your website. Will you customize the online ordering solution for my POS?
How do I get foodkonnekt
How do I configure and setup foodkonnekt on my website
How do I change any of the initial configurations
Can I customize the OOS to my brand using my logo?
Where can I see my online orders?
If my online customers have some issue with their order, do they contact your customer support or ours?
If my team has any issue, who can we contact from your team

POS Providers

What is foodkonnekt
Why should I integrate with foodkonnekt
Which POS systems have you already partnered with
What is your revenue sharing model
Can we whitelable your OOS
How do you manage payment processing
What do you need from us to integrate
What support can you provide to our customers


What is FoodKonnekt
Why should I sell foodkonnekt to my customers
What is your revenue sharing model
Do you provide material for marketing
Can you provide training to our sales team

End Customers

How do I order something
Can I pay cash
Is my credit card information secure
The restaurant doesn’t deliver to my address. What can I do
I ordered the wrong item. Can I change my order?
How can I use a coupon
Where can I get a coupon
What if I want to cancel an order
How can I get customer support regarding my order
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