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A case study of FoodKonnekt Twitter Handle: Accomplishments, Analytics & Aspirations

We have reached an important milestone of 3000 tweets from our Twitter handle and that to us an important milestone. As a matter of fact we wanted our 3000 tweet is about this article but we had to settle for a 3000+ tweet. We started our journey on Twitter in May 2015 when we we came up with “FoodKonnekt” idea and our first tweet was on “Just setting up my Twitter. #myfirstTweet” like everyone else. So when we started the journey we did not have an idea about what we want from this medium, we did not know how we plan to use or how we can benefit from it. Still with our product in beta phase we consider that are still trying to figure out the part of using “Twitter Effectively”. As a B2B company and with our mantra as online ordering, analytics and marketing we want to highlight our 3As with Twitter – Accomplishments, Analysis and Aspirations. 1) Accomplishments: The idea of FoodKonnekt was born from one of our customer’s expressing frustrations about his online ordering system, inability to tally sales and having have to figure out all the paper work (faxes) and remittances against the orders. That is when we as a team decided that we have to have an online ordering system that is well integrated into different PoS systems. We started off with Clover as our first PoS system that we wanted to work with. Over the past 11 months We have over 3000+ tweets & 393 likes We had over 200,000+ impressions We had over 1500+ engagement – 800+ likes, 100+ retweets, 100+ profile clicks 744 following, 800+ followers, 393 likes and listed in 329 lists (we could not find a way of finding out the number directly from Twitter except for manually counting it. The other way […]