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15 Effective SMS/Text Marketing Strategies for Restaurants

A restaurant business like any other business can have its own difficulties. There may be busy days, as well as, days where you hardly see someone walking in. SMS/Text marketing works wonders attracting customers. Why is SMS/Text Marketing a great marketing tool? Among all marketing strategies, SMS/Text marketing is the most preferred communication channel. SMS marketing is budget-friendly, with a delivery rate of 97% within four minutes.* SMS campaigns are much more successful than Email campaigns; SMS’s get an average response rate of 30% whereas Email’s get a mere 4%.* SMS marketing coaxes customers into quick action; 19% of consumers will click on SMS campaign link whereas only 4% for Email.*     Key requirements Marketing messages can be sent in bulk via a shared short code and by associating a unique keyword with the campaign. It is important to know the data protection and privacy policy – consumers have the right to opt-out of receiving marketing messages. A consumer should have provided consent to receive a marketing message via SMS. This consent has to be in writing (for example, an email) or other formal methods; which means before sending marketing messages you need to ensure that consumers are informed about what they will receive through an opt-in program. The opt-in program must disclose the frequency with which you will be sending text messages. It is mandatory for businesses to maintain a record of the consent of consumers. These records should include the time, date, and location of agreement and the method by which a consumer agreed to receive your marketing messages. The CAN-SPAM act requires businesses to provide the consumer with a clear and easily accessible option to opt-out or to stop receiving messages. It is best to provide your costumers with a simple a way of opting out from […]