About Us

FoodKonnekt is the brain child of a team of professionals who have worked in the restaurant and technology industry and is created as a marketing platform that can process online orders too.

When planning a new restaurant one has to analyze multiple parameters such as location, competition, demand for the cuisine and so on, to take that important step of opening a store. Then why is the same rigorous analysis not done when opening a virtual location, your online store?

You still need to account for whether it is easy to operate, it is integrated in to POS systems for efficient operations and it is easy to promote.

This is exactly what FoodKonnekt guarantees for you.

Our Vision: To be the go to integrated online ordering platform that is customizable to each customer’s specification.

Our Mission: Enable restaurants to have an online presence with seamless integration into POS and marketing engines.

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What makes us Different

Seamless Point of Sale Integration

Get all online orders automatically in your POS

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Superior customer support

Exceptional customer service with personalized response within 1 business day

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Comprehensive online ordering system

Give your online customers a wonderful online ordering experience

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Competitive pricing

Invest your revenues in growth, not costs

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