Online ordering system integrated with your POS

Say goodbye to faxes and paper work for tracking orders! FoodKonnekt gives you an online ordering system which seamlessly integrates with your POS. So online orders appear in your system automatically along with all other orders. Start increasing production and profits today!

Seamless Point of Sale Integration

Get all online orders automatically in your POS

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Superior customer support

Exceptional customer service with personalized response within 1 business day

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Comprehensive online ordering system

Give your online customers a wonderful online ordering experience

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Competitive pricing

Invest your revenues in growth, not costs

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Restaurants, reduce costs with our integrated ordering system and increase your profits with targeted marketing.

Get Foodkonnekt up and running in 5 minutes.

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Become a one-stop shop

Point of Sale providers, marketing managers, re-sellers, digital marketing experts, payment processors, we’re here to help you.

Increase your business and make your product irresistible to restaurants with the addition of FoodKonnekt!

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